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Happening on 15th and 16th Feb 2020

The stock market seems very lucrative for returns, but you don’t know how to begin?Then wealth Mantra is for you, you wish to manage your own stock market investments, then this is right and logical step for you.

Investing is easy all thanks to the simple method, which makes it easy to understand and even apply in equity market. So how does this work? And how much capital or initial investments that are required ?

We at Growth Module believe every human being is individual in his/her own sense & so is their money story. Best part is that there is a process which will help generating better re-turns on your investments.

Let’s discuss two scenarios Person A: is a fresher in stock market has never thought of stock market but is very fascinated with the potential that is seen, so person a wish to start this with a small capital of ₹ 10000 Yes you read that correct, after learning wealth mantra person A starts his investments in a structured manner which in return will help them get better returns on your investments, let your investments grow! Once you know the process then just keep repeating over the span on a year you can increase your capital as you know the process and also know what is the reward in terms of ROI. From this point you will invest with interest and make it big by means of compounding.

Person B: Has a portfolio and knows market, yet few of his in-vestments are either in wrong stocks or right stocks at the wrong time. So with the learnings from Wealth Mantra, person A can exit the stock investments that are not making good money(better returns) and the same money he can use to in-vest in better opportunities, this will actually help Person B to have a better rewarding Portfolio for which he/she will be the decision maker.


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