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23rd & 24th Oct 2021

Is more about implementing what you have learned across various segments of markets. Namely Equity, futures & options which helps you achieve a better ROI on your part of the capital to help you grow and the growth rate would be much higher.

  • Equity investments can be limited to 5 to 10 % ROI in a trade.
  • In the same time span, a trade is futures market can give ROI of 30 to 40% and above.
  • While in options a similar trading opportunity can yield you a return of more than 100% ROI on your investment.

The F&O market works on a principle of leveraging once you know the concept it is much easier to trade, provided you know which direction to trade. Through this program, we learn ways/ methods to make a buy or sell decision which is well informed and ahead of it’s time, which will always give you edge to be on the winning side. This program is complemented with 3 months hand-holding through a fortnightly Webinar & a classroom revision session every month.

WhatsApp group for learning purpose and ease of communication. To sum it up this a complete trade plan for those who wish to make it a primary or secondary source of income in the stock market. More when we meet.

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