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With Investment Mantra you will learn how you can begin your financial journey in to the rewarding world of stock market

This stock looks very promising, “saal do saal main double ho jayega” Or “This is the best time to invest, don’t panic” these kind of conversations are part of every Stock market related discussions. But when it comes to your hard earned money, it’s very difficult to trust and at times this so called uncertainty drives you away from stock markets. There is always a friend, relative or advisor who encourages you to invest but often misses out on passing on message about booking profit, and eventually you have to exit at very close to where you entered on booking a small profit or loss.

Amid these uncertainties, there are ways of understanding how market functions and also buyers & sellers point of view, how to decide what to buy or sell & when to do so. Just so as to clear these concepts, we at Growth Module designed “Investment Mantra”.

Investment Mantra is a program which will help you understand What is the stock market? The financial segments know as derivative.

  • The forces that drive the stock market and help investor grow their investments.
  • How to select Stocks from thousands of companies?
  • What are good Returns on your investments and what should be the waiting period?
  • Golden rule for Investments for investments that makes money. How less returns on your investments are more & after knowing all these things what will be the Best time to invest in market.

Investment Mantra, the 3 hour program which is an ultimate guide about how you can begin your financial journey in to the rewarding world of stock market. Investment Mantra will not only be a showcase of possibilities in market, but it will also help you understand investments and trading opportunities in simple manner. You will also get to meet our students to under-stand the in-depth approach that has been used in Growth Module trainings, in order to help you learn from the basics of market and it can also be termed as a beginning of systematic learning about investments.

So come join us for this Investment Mantra seminar and take a first step towards your financial freedom with Growth Module.

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