• The concepts are very easy to understand and the guidance from Shailesh Sir helped to gain that confidence to take... read more

    Chetan Chavan Avatar
    Chetan Chavan

    One of the best mentor to haveGrowth module has certainly changed the way I see stock market

    shiv shankar Avatar
    shiv shankar

    Fine course.very good

    HONNOJI RAO Avatar
  • Excellent place to learn about technical analysis, anyone who is interested in investing the stock market should give this a... read more

    Farokh Dubash Avatar
    Farokh Dubash

    It's been almost 10 months I have been associated with Growth Module.. I am really grateful to Shailesh Gaikawad Sir... read more

    Shalini Patil Avatar
    Shalini Patil

    I have enrolled myself last November 2020 and my journey with growth module 1 has been amazing ,good teaching,... read more

    Selvakumar Nadar Avatar
    Selvakumar Nadar
  • This is one of most genuine training institute in Mumbai. Mr Shailesh is through professional and look after his mentees... read more

    Harsh Soni Avatar
    Harsh Soni

    Awesome teaching techniques.Easy steps to trade.And one of the best attribute is Shailesh Sir patience calm compose and BEST TEACHER.I... read more

    mritunjay mishra Avatar
    mritunjay mishra

    A few months ago I did not know anything about the stock market. Whatever I know now has been through... read more

    Arti Avatar
  • Growth Module is the best place to learn technical analysis. if someone fresher entering into share market then one must... read more

    dilip panchal Avatar
    dilip panchal

    You wanna master planning your financial Growth? This is the right place.I am a novice and started my stock market... read more

    Rajesh P Avatar
    Rajesh P

    Excellent place to learn about technical analysis, anyone who is interested in investing the stock market should give this a... read more

    Farokh Dubash Avatar
    Farokh Dubash
  • basic concepts of stock market was covered in depth guidance by shailesh sir is just awesome. every... read more

    Latha George Avatar
    Latha George

    Whether you are a trader or investor, you will find this course highly relevant. It helps you master concepts... read more

    Abhishek Gupta Avatar
    Abhishek Gupta

    The kind of insight you get from the mentor is priceless. The concepts taught are from a fresher's point of... read more

    Kavita Sawant Avatar
    Kavita Sawant
  • The best institute for learning Technical analysis especially chart reading and indicators taught are awesome. Just unbeatable if one follows... read more

    Pramod Lamkhade Avatar
    Pramod Lamkhade

    Shailesh ji conducts session very patiently . He gives you all the ears to express your doubts and get them... read more

    Mohan P Joshi Avatar
    Mohan P Joshi

    Hii guys I have been student of Growth Module since September 2020 , during this period I have completely transformed... read more

    amitkumar jadhav Avatar
    amitkumar jadhav
  • I joined Growth module on the recommendation of a friend in May 2020.The clear concepts and repeat revision sessions make... read more

    Sachin Dalal Avatar
    Sachin Dalal

    I have attended and completed all 3 modules taught by Shailesh Sir. He is a very patient and compassionate person.... read more

    Dd 9 Avatar
    Dd 9

    I joined Growth Module in July 2020. It consists 3 different levels related to equity as well as F&O segment... read more

    Nikhil Gokhale Avatar
    Nikhil Gokhale
  • A great platform for learning trading skills. Shailesh Sir is a very good teacher as he understand the problem and... read more

    sushant ghaitadkay Avatar
    sushant ghaitadkay

    I have joined Growth Module in April 2020. The course is divided broadly into 3 modules and I have attended... read more

    Piyush Pandey Avatar
    Piyush Pandey

    Had a great experience learning with Shailesh Gaikwad sir.Would thank him and whole team for the opportunity they are providing... read more

    Ranjani Yerramilli Avatar
    Ranjani Yerramilli
  • Have attended all three modules. I would say its value for money. I had been sporadically trading last few... read more

    Prateek Sen Avatar
    Prateek Sen

    Those who has to learn fm scratch like me ,it is a very good platform.Mr Sailesh & his teams approach... read more

    Parbati Prasad Chaliha Avatar
    Parbati Prasad Chaliha

    Joined Growth Module when I hardly had any knowledge about stock market. Though I am still relatively new and still... read more

    Ravi Ahuja Avatar
    Ravi Ahuja
  • Very Interesting and Eye Opening online webinar which will prove to be a good starting point for beginners and... read more

    Krishnakumar Madanagopal Avatar
    Krishnakumar Madanagopal

    My investing game is strong now. Follow what Sir teach and you will see your money doubled in a year... read more

    Mohit RX Avatar
    Mohit RX

    I definitely recommend Growth Module for anyone wanting to learn technical analysis and how to invest in equity. I have... read more

    Ruth D'Souza Avatar
    Ruth D'Souza
  • I Like Growth Module Concepts . One have to Master in it . - Hemangi

    Yog Chaudh Avatar
    Yog Chaudh

    Growth module , as the name suggest is really wonder module for your stock market growth.The learning process is really... read more

    Omkar Avatar

    Simplified concepts ..excellent...

    Shailesh Mugal Avatar
    Shailesh Mugal
  • Module 1.0 -- Sir laid a path for me as how to identify good stocks, how to do evaluation on... read more

    Vinal More Avatar
    Vinal More

    It's really a great learning, so many video in you tube on trading but what I had learn in module... read more

    Pankaj V Paunikar Avatar
    Pankaj V Paunikar

    Learnt many new techniques which were explained properly. Supported the group from time to time by posting the remarks and... read more

    kishore chachlani Avatar
    kishore chachlani
  • They provide good learnings based on Dow theory,But it has 50-50 importance they charge too high you should require almost... read more

    janhavi shinde Avatar
    janhavi shinde

    It has been an insightful and fabulous learning experience with Growth Module. The coverage of all the three modules is... read more

    Rajesh Deshpande Avatar
    Rajesh Deshpande

    Came to know about Growth Module through a friend of mine. The way the in and out of the stock... read more

    Ganeson Chockalingam Avatar
    Ganeson Chockalingam
  • One of the best thing of 2020 in my life is joining Growth Module. Simple yet effective setup made trading... read more

    Rohit Bhosale Avatar
    Rohit Bhosale

    Best place where we learn TA in simplest way.

    Uttam Patil Avatar
    Uttam Patil

    Overall setups are good and precise. As such good for Equity and best for Option Buyer. It however requires constant... read more

    Mahesh Hardikar Avatar
    Mahesh Hardikar
  • Setup which was taught was good and in the long run it will definitely be fruitful to be a learnt... read more

    Prakash Patel Avatar
    Prakash Patel

    I feel blessed to have found Mr. Shailesh's training. A prifessional traders mindset is easy to develop with his teachings.... read more

    Dipti Dixit Avatar
    Dipti Dixit

    At Growth Module, the set ups are good. They work well when you are patient. And patience is the... read more

    Annie Carvalho Avatar
    Annie Carvalho
  • I have just completed Growth Module 3.0. I feel this is the place where you get true knowledge of trading.... read more

    Chandru Naik Avatar
    Chandru Naik

    I am happy with all the learnings and handholding.Just follow the setups and world is yours.

    Sameer Kulkarni Avatar
    Sameer Kulkarni

    No word to express about Shailesh Sir teaching. He gives simple and easy process of every trade. One simple formula... read more

    Nirmal Sharma Avatar
    Nirmal Sharma
  • Firstly, I would like to thank Shailesh sir for conducting such terrific session providing insights on share market. The... read more

    Sanjay Ambre Avatar
    Sanjay Ambre

    After completion of all three modules GM 1, 2 & 3, I would definitely recommend to attend all three Modules... read more

    Shital Pawar Avatar
    Shital Pawar

    Superb techniques, easy to understand and implement..!

    Nilesh R Avatar
    Nilesh R
  • Great content. Looking forward to practical implementation.

    Swapnil Ghatkar Avatar
    Swapnil Ghatkar

    Hello Friends, Just Completed Module 1 course and My view to see Market is completely changed, Sailesh sir made so... read more

    Parth Chandankar Avatar
    Parth Chandankar

    My all over experience is very good. The knowledge and Setup given by the Shailesh sir is very helpful to... read more

    Mithil Avatar
  • If you want to be financial independent. Growth Module is place to be. Kudos to Shailesh Sir for making stock... read more

    Milind Mehta Avatar
    Milind Mehta

    One of the most simplified and easy to understand module to learn about investment and trading.I would specially mention about... read more

    Dr ashish Shinde Avatar
    Dr ashish Shinde

    Very good experience. One should go for this course.

    Ajay Nadkarni Avatar
    Ajay Nadkarni
  • Very nice person & great personality. Indeed added valuable in-depth knowledge about stock market and build my confidence to utmost... read more

    Satish Kumbhar Avatar
    Satish Kumbhar

    Personal experience one needs an honest and genuine mentor to succeed in the financial market. If you aspire to be... read more

    Harish Avatar

    Hey mates.....upon conclusion of Module 3 I.e.completion of the laid down syllabus @Growth Module to day.....Here I am.....Well endowed with... read more

    Aditi Gangoli Avatar
    Aditi Gangoli
  • Many thanks to Shailesh Sir...It's been wonderful journey learning about Stock Market from you sir☺☺One must join Growth Module..

    Roshan Ardekar Avatar
    Roshan Ardekar

    Growth Module has been designed to navigate the treacherous water's of stock market with confidence and simplicity . ... read more

    pradeep shetty Avatar
    pradeep shetty

    Very well set up for your investment and Dr. Pratiksha Rane has conducted 0.1 Wealth Mantra so well... read more

    Rajal Joshi Avatar
    Rajal Joshi
  • The whole journey from beginning to the end of the course is actually start of a new journey for... read more

    Abhinav Saxena Avatar
    Abhinav Saxena

    Great learning experience! Very good hand holding, revision webinar and WhatsApp support!

    Saumitra Kokane Avatar
    Saumitra Kokane

    Who ever wants to learn about the stock market. Don't go anywhere else. This is the place

    Ashish Thesia Avatar
    Ashish Thesia
  • Very good learning experience at growth module with Dr.Pratiksha...must attend program if you want to grow financially with a proper setup..

    akshay mahajan Avatar
    akshay mahajan

    Excellent journey with growth module help me for passive source of income

    jayashri choudhary Avatar
    jayashri choudhary

    Growth module is a perfect avenue where you can actually start growing financially.I attended their module 0.1 under mentorship of... read more

    Masumi Shinde Avatar
    Masumi Shinde
  • Growth Module is a great place to learn the art of trading professionally and scaling your investments to new heights.All... read more

    lawrence fernandes Avatar
    lawrence fernandes

    It was a great experience, learned many new concepts and gained practical knowledge,which is very important to progress in stock... read more

    Puran Shah Avatar
    Puran Shah

    If you want to cut out the clutter that makes market seem intimidating to most and get a refined understanding... read more

    Amruta Chitnis Avatar
    Amruta Chitnis
  • It's amazing seminar to learn TA in very much simple way with minimum possible indicators.Batches are with limited seats at... read more

    Manasi Bapat Avatar
    Manasi Bapat

    When 1st Lock-down was declared, i really scared about my invested fees for three modules of Growth Module. But Shailesh... read more

    Sachin Chorge Avatar
    Sachin Chorge

    Joining "Growth module" was one of the best decisions of my life. Being fascinated towards this subject, I always wanted... read more

    Dr. Mahesh Mali Avatar
    Dr. Mahesh Mali
  • It was a wonderful learning experience. The growth modules are very well structured and detailed. And that’s what needed to... read more

    Rajender Rathore Avatar
    Rajender Rathore

    The day when I attended for the first time" Investment Mantra " seminar on 8 th March 2020,I understood that... read more

    Sagar Mahale Avatar
    Sagar Mahale

    Finding a Genuine, Patient, Teacher, not only with the Knowledge but Self Practice, who is really Composed & Very Well... read more

    Satyen Bhatia Avatar
    Satyen Bhatia
  • Precise, excellent knowledge sharing, great hand holding. if you are Disciplined and understood Growth Mantra teachings there is no reason... read more

    Arun Nayak Avatar
    Arun Nayak

    It was wonderful learning experience with growth module . Being fresher I, was not aware of things like candle stick,... read more


    Excellent company to train beginners for trading in equity, options and futures. The promoter Mr. Shailesh Gaikwad is a trainer... read more

    Binay Swain Avatar
    Binay Swain
  • Was a part of the 21, 22 Dec, 19 batch of wealth mantra. Had an excellent time wherein educated myself... read more

    Sumeet Dalvi Avatar
    Sumeet Dalvi

    Excellent opportunity for freshers to learn the nitty-gritty of trading. The setup is such that it not only eliminates... read more

    Shervil Humbir Avatar
    Shervil Humbir

    Very simple and crisp method of trading. I was waiting so badly to learn such type of simple setups, wich... read more

    Prashant Pereira Avatar
    Prashant Pereira
  • This is the place where people can change their mindset towards trading and can say Trading hamre liye bhii hai... read more

    richa sengupta Avatar
    richa sengupta

    Helps to arrive at an informed decision for buying selling or holding a stock. Very effective and very easy tools... read more

    Sagar Nadpurohit Avatar
    Sagar Nadpurohit

    Growth Module is Best Place to learn Technical Analysis and achive Financial Freedom.

    Poonam Syed Avatar
    Poonam Syed
  • The best place to learn technical analysis of share market , most important thing about growth module is hand holding.... read more

    Rashmi Chavan Avatar
    Rashmi Chavan

    Excellent platform for Freshers to understand and anticipate the market moves. Dr. Pratiksha Ma'am is an excellent trainer and whole... read more

    Pritam Karbhari Avatar
    Pritam Karbhari

    Best way to start learning about market.. Especially to freshers.. You may be anything doctor, engineer, student or housewife can... read more

    Snehanka Patil Avatar
    Snehanka Patil
  • It was awsonea experience of learning new things with easy to understand method, boosted confidence in This Financial markets,

    Trish Finserv Avatar
    Trish Finserv

    Very good setup for learner’s.if u dnt know anything it’s ok,when u enroll and attend classes u vl get to... read more

    Chetan Paithankar Avatar
    Chetan Paithankar

    Learning The Technical Analysis seems so easy with the Growth Module

    Sandy Kadam Avatar
    Sandy Kadam
  • Growth Module is an excellent place, even for beginners like me, to understand all technical aspects and techniques of trading... read more

    Saket Redij Avatar
    Saket Redij

    Growth module has been an excellent platform to learn about the stock market. A sincere thanks to Shailesh sir to... read more

    Tharshish Irani Avatar
    Tharshish Irani

    Joining "Growth module" was one of the best decisions of my life. Being fascinated towards this subject, I always wanted... read more

    Mahesh Mali Avatar
    Mahesh Mali
  • completed all modules.. experience was very nice.. Shailesh sir's teaching and hand holding after that is very good.very simple but... read more

    Akshay Mahajan Avatar
    Akshay Mahajan

    If any fresher eager to start stock market journey & wants to become a profitable trader then Growth Module is... read more

    Rahul Shedge Avatar
    Rahul Shedge

    Excellent Teaching. Worth It.

    Prakashdg Gangurde Avatar
    Prakashdg Gangurde
  • The day when I attended for the first time " Investment Mantra " seminar on 8 th March 2020,... read more

    Sagar Mahale Avatar
    Sagar Mahale

    excellent session. enjoyed learning with shailesh ji as a friend. very approachable and humble personality. setup he teaches is very... read more

    Vishwas U Madan Avatar
    Vishwas U Madan

    I recommend Growth modules to everyone fresher like me. it was wonderful experience of learning. i also want to... read more

    Deepak Kumbhar Avatar
    Deepak Kumbhar
  • Completed Wealth Mantra and Growth Mantra Courses of Growth Module. It is an excellent platform for Freshers to learn the... read more

    Shervil Humbir Avatar
    Shervil Humbir

    Was a part of the 21, 22 Dec, 19 batch of wealth mantra. Had an excellent time wherein educated myself... read more

    CA Sumeet Dalvi Avatar
    CA Sumeet Dalvi

    Factual Simple If u r disciplined... no reason why should u not be successful..

    Rakesh Gaikwad Avatar
    Rakesh Gaikwad
  • I knew Shailesh Sir before he started GM & I was eagerly awaiting for his coaching. I attended the... read more

    Snehal Deshpande Avatar
    Snehal Deshpande

    I decided to take this training/ course not only because of positive reviews but i wanted to develop this skill... read more

    Harsh Sharma Avatar
    Harsh Sharma

    I advise to all beaginers attend growth module classes before start work in stock market, Gm module process will give... read more

    Rajesh Dattaram Rajeshirke Avatar
    Rajesh Dattaram Rajeshirke
  • lifetime experience.. great great place to learn many things.. would highly recommend this place....

    Shah Rupal Avatar
    Shah Rupal

    Best place to start your stock market journey. The technical concepts were made so easy, anyone could easily understand. I... read more

    Puran K Shah Avatar
    Puran K Shah

    Entire Module is awesome. One having a basic knowledge of market with this course can take his skills... read more

    Lawrence Fernandes Avatar
    Lawrence Fernandes
  • yes.. Here you get a new way to look at the charts and accordingly can plan a move. You... read more

    Rajesh Hande Avatar
    Rajesh Hande


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