Rajesh Rajshirke

My story ; i started trading in Oct 2017 as second income , intially I traded based on broker advice and some advisory firm, as new baby in mrket didnt know what is technical analysis , I still remember one trade of option in jan2018  which blown off my whole capital which was taken based advisory firm where I didn’t put sl in system or in mind in hope of it will come in profit position. That was my big take away that don’t invest money on other person view unless u don’t have proper study of trade so decided to learn technical analysis, and I learnt but still I was incomplete then I approach shailesh sir as I know him before then got growth module, since I learnt skill from growth module, my trading journey totally change. So keep study as per convince time , earlier I used to find trade now trade comes to me thanks to growth module view building set up and entry set up. My transformation from intraday to positional is because of growth module, when I complete my course intially we should give time to us and market to cope up with our study and gm set up. It takes time to grow . But keep trust on you and ur study one day u will rewarded.

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