Sagar Mahale

Sir first of all I am really thankful for being a part of Growth Module & thanks a lot Shailesh sir. When I look back to March  2020 , I see a great difference in my life as far as trading is concerned. Being  a fresher in this trading world  I can see myself  where  I am now. Growth Module has actually  created  a big difference  in me. Sir your set ups, your efforts to teach &  your learning  really helping me to improve day by day. Because  of Growth Module I came to know the real way of trading,  this group  and group members  gives new learnings everyday. I keep observing my all colleagues here on their studies and there observations, and it really  helps me to strengthen my knowledge  and understandings everyday

Sir your guidance and all team members support is helpful in every way.

And sir yes I am profitable.

I remember when I started my Growth Module journey with small capital, it has truly added value to my money  story and my learnings as well.

It keeps me motivating when I see everyday all team members are doing so well, it really boosts my confidence.

I really look forward  to continuing this journey with you and Growth Module family

With current working situation trying to balance both work and trading. Sir as you always suggest  to study on Higher TF in such situations,  surely i will work on it and contribute to this group in every possible way.

Thanks a lot Shailesh sir & Pratiksha Mam for your continuous support and guidance

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