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I did my first trade in Futures back in early 2017 without any knowledge in stock market. In 3 months I made a decent loss of Rs one Lakh. Eventhough I realised the fact that there is potential in stock market to make money. Quits Futures trading and started Options trading in 2019 just picking some basic informations on how option trading works. I had no idea about which strike price to select, still traded with less premium strikes as many beginners do (selects Far OTM, at that time I never heard about words ike OTM, ATM and ITM while trading) because it is affordable and maximum loss is defined at the beginning. Made another good loss of Rs. 75,000/- and decided to stop trading. Then started investing in Mutual Funds.

During lock down I happened to see Growth Module advertisement and decided to Join without waiting too long.

After Module 1, got real information on how stock prices moves here and there. Module 2 and 3 gave more confidence and the support that I got from this group is enormous. Healthy discussion is the core strength of this Prime Group. As I mentioned earlier, since the office has started functioning in full swing, posting the trades at real time has become impossible. No matter, I will post my trades and studies after market hours and weekends.

When looked back into my previous trading experiences and losses, the courage and confidence that GM has given to me in trading as well as investment point of view, is my great achievement in 2020.

Reducing the group size is inevitable so won’t be disappointed even if I kicked off this group because I have these wonderful people around me, whom I can contact and share information at any time. Now I am really confident that, I can take back all the money that I pumped in to the market in 2017 and 2019.

I would like to say a big thank you to Shailesh Sir for his dedication in teaching. Answering the questions to all the members of such a big group is not an easy job. But you managed to do it nicely to a great extend. Wonderful Sir. You taught us how to swim in various conditions, now it is our turn to go deep in to the Share market Ocean and get back safely.

Thanks to all Prime group members especially to Gaikwad Sir, Pratiksha madam and the entire GM team.

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