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It has been 7 months journey with GM and below is my state as of today

  1. Yes I am profitable and want to dedicate all the results to Shailesh Sir and the entire team. It is their entire hardwork and dedication that inspires me to ensure that I am always profitable if not for me at least for them 😀.

Infact if there is a rally on Monday than I would again reach my personal best with GM yet another time. In between I have been able to take small profits consistently and also book minuscule losses quickly.

  1. There has been a calming effect on me, from FOMO to patience and getting into the selected trades
  2. I have moved from the 15 mins time frame to daily and hourly. Now minimum is hourly for any trades in Futures and Options. Want to also move to weekly timeframe in equites.
  3. Now trying to evolve as an Option seller, Equity buyer with 7% equity trades and Silver. I have somehow found tuning and peace in these 3 instruments/systems. My belief in Equity trades is only because of GM.
  4. My euphoria on profit or negative emotional response on losses have neutralized. Somehow trading is now becoming mechanical and peaceful. Still a lot to learn.
  5. Due to my busy business schedule I am able to study and take equity & Silver trades but have less time to study Options Trades. But I have somehow tuned to the group energy and able to refer to others study and take profitable trade quickly 😉 Thanks to all the group.
  6. My biggest shift from GM is that I have learnt to quickly cut off the loss making trades or exit in less profits if the trend changes. The recent examples are in selling Nifty CE options, Reliance 2200 CE and Heromoto 3000 CE. I would have otherwsie lingered around in hope in all these trades or booked less profits.
  7. More than profits the emphasis is now on the emotions, calmness and study

Even though I am not able to study trades in detail as the work starts at 6 AM and goes on till late evening sometimes. But able to spot some trades when I post study and trade them also. Now able to quickly spot and immediately study the trades and filter them and execute trades very quickly. I am still striving to study more and learn and evolve. As there is a long way to go in studying and learning about the markets.The journey till here is only possible because of one mans dedication and purity towards his work. Thank you Shailesh Sir. I salute to the childlike enthusiasm and spirit towards your work (although you are tough in the group to ensure we mature😉) and taking us to another level

Thanks to Sonal and Ronita for timely support if I go and bother them for anything anytime

😀🙏Thanks to the whole group. Still a long way to go 👍 but thoroughly enjoying the journey and this group.

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